Seek to Build Strong Families:

Before there was a church, a school, a business, etc. there was relationship. By this definition, in today’s inner city traditional families are facing huge challenges, such as poverity, high crime, lack of opportunity and hopelessness. We believe the answer is found in the scripture and desire for men to become disciples of Christ and then servant-leaders  to their families for the good of the community.

Pursue Authentic and Cross-Cultural Relationships:

We strive to be a church that lives out our true identity in Christ authentically, among a diverse group of people; across ethnic, economical and social lines on this side of heaven.

Discovering and Using Our Gifts

We believe God ha given to every person gifts, talents and abilities that are expended in the building and advancing of the kingdom of God, through the local church. However, this is not the reality for most who dwell and abide in the inner city. We believe that the gospel addresses this identity crisis and Urban Hope seeks to give them the necessary skills to pursue that end.

Pursue Biblical Christ Centered Justice:

The people of the inner city have been abandoned by flight and fright. We believe those who have experienced the grace of God , should extend justice and mercy to those who need it in all matters of life.